What is Boudoir Photography?

I get asked this question a lot. Let us define what Boudoir is, it is French for a woman’s private bedroom or sitting room. In photography terms, it can be a woman’s bedroom, hotel room, or anywhere that sets the tone and creates an intimate setting for these classy, elegant, and romantic images. My job, as your photographer, is to capture you in your most flattering poses that fit your body type. No matter your size, this is perfect for you. As your photographer, there is nothing more rewarding than when my clients leave their session feeling confident, sexy, and believing in themselves.

My philosophy

I feel that this is something every woman should experience; whether you are a new mom, getting married, have been married, a mom of four, or young and concentrating on your career, everyone deserves to feel absolutely stunning, and have a great time doing it. As a woman going on my own journey of self-love and acceptance, I want to show other women how they can love themselves through the beautifully intimate work I create as their photographer, but to also show them how others see them. Boudoir in itself is an occasion and a great way to celebrate you. It is an absolute honor to be chosen to take part on my clients journey to self-discovery. Sometimes we, as women, forget how sexy and truly amazing we are. It’s time to take a moment from taking care of everyone else, and take care of our self, and schedule some much needed ‘me-time’ in the near future.

Why have a Boudoir Session?

Let me ask you a question.. When was the last time that you did something for yourself, and I mean TRULY for yourself? Sadly, most of us can’t remember or it’s been entirely way to long! SO, let’s change that! Let’s do something to celebrate YOU!

I know what you’re going to say.. I need to lose weight first or I’m just not photogenic enough or I just can’t spend the extra money or I don’t have the time… I am sure you could give me a ton of reasons why NOT to do a boudoir session, but let me tell you reasons why you SHOULD do a boudoir session!

You deserve to be pampered

We constantly are taking care of others and making sure that everyone else is taken care of that we forget about ourselves! It’s important that we take time out of our crazy, heck-teck lifestyles to input some ‘me-time’ in. Come relax with us, spend the getting dolled up, playing dress up in sexy clothes you never thought you’d be comfortable in, feel the stress go away and feel lighter. Before you know it, you’re feeling sexy, confident, and amazing! This is the power in a boudoir session.

It makes the perfect gift

Maybe you want to surprise your honey with a romantic one-of-a-kind gift of you for their birthday or anniversary. Boudoir is not only an amazing gift to give someone, it’s an amazing gift for yourself! Yes, it’s always nice to see their reaction, jaw hitting the floor, but it’s nice to have that reminder of how beautiful you are. Get your loved one the gift of you, or give the gift to yourself. Hang your photos in your closet or bathroom for that daily reminder. Although it does make the perfect gift, ultimately, it’s the best gift to yourself!

Boudoir Me. M Boudoir

Step out of your comfort zone

We all have our comfortable, safe place. The role we have stepped into, or been placed into, we feel that it then defines us. For some of us, it’s becoming a mom. We put our children first and feel guilty for even considering doing something for ourselves, or don’t think about it at all. Or we think we can’t be sexy anymore because we are a mom. Wrong. For others, they have put their career first, and do not set the time aside just for themselves. It’s important to step our of our comfort zones every once in a while. Not one client has ever stepped into a boudoir session and known what to do, they don’t know how to pose or what to do. That is my job! Nothing about a boudoir session is natural, which is the point, that is the entire appeal to it. Boudoir sessions are a safe place to let your hair down, relax, and bring that inner vixen out that’s buried under all the other roles you take on.

Let’s celebrate

Maybe you met a recent goal, lost weight, got a job promotion; let’s celebrate with how fantastic you are! Maybe you just want to capture your beauty for the test of time. Maybe you’ve got an inner vixen that’s DYING to get out and strut her stuff! Or maybe you just need that confidence boost that we all need sometimes. Do this for you. You deserve this! There is nothing wrong with being selfish and taking this moment to celebrate you. Plus, who doesn’t like to feel like a celebrity for a day? Getting your hair and makeup done, wearing sexy outfits and playing dress up for the camera. Do something fun! Bring a girlfriend and make it a fun day together. Do yourself this favor, and celebrate YOU!

Someone thinks you’re beautiful just the way you are

Maybe it’s a significant other, maybe it’s a best friend, it doesn’t matter. There are others that see the beauty in you and think you’re amazing just the way you are. We don’t always see ourselves the way others do, we, as women, are our own worst critics! We constantly see our flaws versus celebrating how beautiful and wonderfully amazing we are. You ARE beautiful, just the way you are, RIGHT NOW, so let’s capture this moment in time.

Getting married and really want to really WOW your hunny

Give your soon to be spouse the gift that NO ONE else could give them. Yeah cuff links are nice and all.. but this perfectly unique gift is EXACTLY what they want. A sexy boudoir album will really make their day!

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